Lex Allen

In Milwaukee’s rising, lively and unique music scene, Lex Allen has found his artistic home and niche where he can flourish and grow as a singer. Lex Allen is a neo soul pop singer, similar to the likes of Pharrell Williams and Janelle Monae, who has been taking Milwaukee’s music scene by storm with his fluid, inclusive and empowering musical style. He has an incredible vocal range and dynamic style that can adapt to countless genres of music, which can be heard both through his solo work and on his features. Whether it be electronic, hip hop, soul or pop styles.

Lex Allen excellently combines genres to create a signature sound that fits his wonderful voice like a glove. His powerful voice and music are only improved by his fearless and energetic live performance style. His fun-loving, youthful and engaging attitude help him connect with the audience on a much more personal level than most artists can achieve. Yet, at the same time, Lex performs with incredibly dramatic and theatrical stage presence that is sure to entertain and mesmerize audiences of all kinds. He has performed at popular festivals throughout Milwaukee, such as Summerfest, Brady Street Festival and Summer Soulstice, and showed off his immense talent while having tons of fun on the stage. Lex Allen is a rare artist in the way he leaves it all on the stage for who he believes to be incredibly important to his art: his devoted fans.

Lex’s musical growth and skill have been chronicled by many popular publications and forms of media during his career. Within Milwaukee, Lex has been talked about in the city’s biggest publications. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Shepherd Express and Milwaukee Magazine have all written about Lex with glowing positivity. Outside of his home city, Fake Shore Drive and These Days of Chicago, and even nationally renowned Impose Magazine have recognized Lex’s talents. He has even received national radio airplay, with his song “Puppy Love” being played on v100, as well as many of his songs being played on Milwaukee’s local radio stations.

Lex Allen is an empowering and fun-loving singer with infectiously danceable and lyrically relatable music that can reach a much wider range of people than most artists. He has already grown and gained popularity at an astounding rate for his relatively short time in music, and has unlimited potential for both mainstream and alternative appeal moving forward.

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