Destiny Roberts

St. Paul, MN rapper, singer, producer and renaissance woman, Destiny Roberts takes after one of her biggest influences, Ms. Lauryn Hill, as someone who possess a gift that moves your soul, and a message that uplifts your spirits. Though she identifies with the musicality of Frank Ocean, Miguel and André 3000 as other big influences of her music, she didn’t have to reach too far outside of her home for her most impactful influences.

Destiny grew up in an incredibly talented household with ministers for parents. The baby of the 5, she took after her sibling who are all singers, songwriters, and artists in various capacities. This helped cultivate her creative taste and served as a spark towards making music for herself. Encouraged by her brother, Destiny originally started making music at the age of 10, where she fell in love with the art behind seeing what you made come to life. What her brother saw in her prompted him to take her under his wing, helping her with song structure, crafting melodies and learning more about music. At the same time Destiny started making beats and recording her own songs, sparking a very early consistent output of creating music from top to bottom still present in her work today.

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