Carnage The Executioner

Terrell Woods A.K.A. Carnage The Executioner is a Hip-Hop artist widely recognized for his mind-numbing lyrical dexterity and uncanny ability to compose musical symphonies with his mouth through human beat boxing. His unwavering work ethic, warm personality and kind heart have earned him the respect of many of Independent and commercial music’s most reputable artists. Carnage’s mouth has been called “The best drummer in town”, in reference to his beat boxing skills.

When it is time to perform live shows, Carnage sometimes exercises the choice of carrying on Oldschool Hip-Hop tradition by performing with a DJ on two turntables. By himself, Carnage comes fully armed: two microphones, a pedal board housing a Boss RC-20 Loop Station, a Digitech Vocal Effects Processor, MXR Bass Octave & Boss DS-1 Distortion pedals. He can also be seen with a small case of percussion instruments – all utilized as enhancements to his boundless energy and a commanding stage presence. He then does exactly what his name implies: not only does he “Kill it”, but he “Executes it”! Beat boxing, as people know it, is transformed into an amazing, interactive experience as Carnage constructs complex multi-layered sounds capes from the ground up with breath-taking accuracy. However, he does not stop there – he proceeds to rap, harmonize and vocal-scratch over his backdrops with intensity and showmanship that is difficult to put into words…So it must be witnessed first-hand! Carnage’s original material speaks for itself. Nevertheless, his ability to cover songs, as only bands with multiple vocalists are able to do makes Carnage a one-man jukebox and total entertainment package! Upon request, Carnage also performs with a live band – The Last Band Standin’.

Carnage teaches both private and group beat boxing lessons to youth in community and school settings, extensively covering the fundamentals of beat boxing while adding in components of basic rhyme/rap-writing structure. Carnage is a catalyst in the development of creative and positive modes of self-expression that strengthen strong leadership skills. Carnage recalls his first experience with the Hip-Hop culture occurring around 1982 with Run DMC. He started human beat boxing after hearing The Fat Boys around age 9 and taught himself how break dance after witnessing the moves of his older male neighbors. Carnage decided he wanted to be a DJ after watching the movie “Breaking 2″ and hearing Herbie Hancock’s “Rock It”. Due to his living in group homes and shelters for many years after age 12, he had no turntable experience, so he began writing lyrics after studying the works of rappers he idolized. Carnage wrote his first rhyme in 1987 under the name “T-Swift”, which began his quest to become an emcee.

Following his first time recording in a studio in 1991 with counterpart DJ X-Caliber and performing a few local shows, he made his first appearance on a release on “The Collective” in 1996. This was Minnesota’s first full-length compilation. Carnage, along with his former group, The S.W.E.E.P.S. released, “Bootleg Tracks From Junkion” EP in 2001 and “Foreign Genetics” full-length in 2003. The greater Hip-Hop world heard Carnage on Eyedea’s “The Many Faces Of Oliver Hart Or How I One The Write To Think” album (Rhymesayers Entertainment) on the track, “Coaches” in 2002. Carnage independently funded and oversaw the release of his first solo, unofficial album, “The Carnology Vol. 0.5 EP” on his own label, Hecatomb Industries, which he started in 2004. This also marked the birth of Carnage’s Hecatomb crew comprised of up-and-coming local Hip Hop & Rock artists. Eyedea & DJ Abilities invited Carnage to join them on their opus, “E&A” where Carnage appeared the track, “Star Destroyer” in 2004. Carnage (accompanied by Booka B) released his full-length solo debut, “Sense Of Sound” on July 17 2007.

Carnage released Worth The Wait” on January 11, 2011. Receiving vast amounts of local praise for its darker, raw sound, the album was listed as one of ‘The Best Albums Of 2011’ in the Star Tribune. This article said that Carnage is “…busy proving why he should be called the most skillful M.C. in MN”. Without missing a beat, Carnage released “Respect The Name” on September 11, 2012. This release lives up to what Carnage is known for, as well as highlighting some of his most personal work to date. Carnage speaks of his life struggles ranging from living in poverty and having very little positive parental influence to the personal insecurities that stem from his upbringing. His artistic growth is notable and only shows his progression into a potent storyteller. Carnage’s work on Respect The Name earned him the revered cover of the well-respected City Pages and a ranking as one of the top 10 M.C.’s in Minnesota (#8).

Carnage & Desdamona, as ill chemistry, released their highly-anticipated, self-titled debut album in January 2012 on French Jazz music label, Nato/Hopestreet Records. The album features both Carnage and Desdamona sharing vocalist duties and Carnage constructing almost all music for the songs by beat boxing. With ill chemistry as well as solo, Carnage has been playing festivals and touring Europe on a steady basis since December 2011. Persistence in staying relevant and reinventing his formula lead to Carnage being invited to join Atmosphere for their fall 2012 tour. For two weeks straight, Carnage won the hearts of nearly 20,000 fans with raw talent, emotion and honesty. His adeptness in figuring out how to give crowds what they want and holding their attention lead to Carnage becoming a crowd-favorite. Carnage’s connection with Atmosphere’s fan base lead to his being invited to join them for their 3rd annual Welcome To Minnesota tour in March 2013.

While working full-time as a social worker and youth counselor in 2004, Carnage still found the time to tour with Eyedea & Abilities – twice! He guest-appeared on the Leave Of Absence Tour in October & November of 2004 and in April of 2004 on the Plague On Wheels Tour. In July and August of 2005, Carnage toured the Midwest with Eyedea and emcees Mazta I & Kristoff Krane, along with J.T. Bates playing drums and Casey O’Brien playing bass for the Eyedea & Friends Tour. He and the crew performed improvised Jazz/Hip Hop sets for an unbelievable 2 hours a night! This tour resulted in Carnage being featured on Eyedea’s all-improvised 2006 release, Face Candy, “This Is Where We Were” (Rhymesayers). This album features Carnage freestyling and human beat boxing, displaying him at equal levels of skill performing both duties. Carnage is also the only feature on the last Face Candy project to be released in early 2011 called “Waist Age Teen Land”.

Carnage has shared stages with such heavyweights as KRS-ONE, The RZA, Method Man, Yelawolf, Mobb Deep, Guru of Gangstarr, Too $hort, Sage Francis, Aesop Rock, Brother Ali, R.A. The Rugged Man and many more.

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