Get To Know: Loki’s Folly


Ahead of Loki Folly’s performance at First Avenue’s Best New Bands of 2019 in the First Avenue Mainroom on Saturday, January 25, we got to ask Annie (guitar, vocals) and Nissa (drums, vocals) a few questions. Read what they had to say below:

Joely Kelzer: Your bio mentions Lord of the Rings a couple of times, what is the significance of Lord of the Rings to you?

Loki’s Folly: We actually wrote this bio under the influences of sleep deprivation soon before our first show at First Avenue. However, Lord of The Rings does mean a lot to us as we have been watching it forever and we feel really connected to it.

JK: How did you meet each other? How did you decide to start collaborating on music?

LF: Nissa was born on April 3rd, and Annie went to the hospital to meet her baby sister. That is when we met and we’ve been best friends ever since. We both really like music and like sharing it together as sisters which makes it really fun to collaborate and feel like it’s not work. So I guess we decided to collaborate because it was more fun to play together than separately.

JK: Do you have a clear or specific memory related to falling in love with music, and knowing that it is something you would want to pursue yourself?

LF: Nissa can’t remember a time when she wasn’t hitting everything with sticks, even when she got in trouble for it. She was always going to play drums but never thought it would be in front of people. It took Annie a really long time to work up the nerve to play in front of people but as soon as she did, she felt like she found her home.

JK: What was the inspiration behind your breakout single, “The Love Song”?

LF: It is an emotional release in response to not being allowed or knowing how to confront a mean person who won’t leave you alone. We like to use our music for catharsis and support.

Blog by Joely Kelzer (Marketing Intern)

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